Salad for people with taste buds

Our products are grown to make you feel good. It's as simple as that.


VAXA has a full product line of leafy greens. Numerous restaurants have VAXA on their menus, ranging from fast food chains to Michelin star restaurants and five-star hotels.

VAXA is more than a great product VAXA is a brand. VAXA has built a solid recognition for outstanding brand and has been nominated as the B2C brand of the year. We can see that our customers are loyal and that they prefer our salads over our competitors’. Sustainable quality products delivered to all sales channels.


It is our continuous mission at VAXA to provide consumers with healthy, clean and high-quality food, produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. Healthy diet has obvious and positive effects on both the environment and society in which we operate. An option of healthy eating provided by VAXA increases probabilities of a better physical and mental health and lowers the likelihood of lifestyle-related diseases.

VAXA’s condensed value chain is the key enabler to increase product quality. The time from harvest to shelf is substantially reduced which extends therefore in-store shelf life.


Sustainability is integrated to VAXA’s core strategy we continuously work on making each aspect of our operation as sustainable as possible and in many ways, our production method and business model contributes to sustainable agriculture.

VAXA’s sustainability framework is based on a double materiality analysis with four focus areas; Climate, Quality, People and Transparency. The sustainability framework is aligned with five of the UN SDG goals; 2 Zero hunger, 3 Good Health and Well-Being, 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 12 Responsible consumption and production and 13 Climate Actions.


VAXA's greens are grown in controlled environment and can provide quality products without relying on external conditions. Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) enables us to optimize the use of valuable land and water, powered by green renewable sources. VAXA grows high quality leafy greens in a fully controlled environment in our indoor farms located in Iceland and Sweden.

Our products are never treated with pesticides so they can be consumed straight from the box, with no need to rinse them.

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